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There are things he doesn’t like about Toy Story!

There are things he doesn’t like about Toy Story!
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08.07.2022 01:42

Actor Tom Hanks, who was in the commercial for his last film Elvis, commented on the incident he disliked in Toy Story.

Hollywood star Tom Hanks, 65, said he wanted to compete with Tim Allen, who was his voice actor in the “Toy Story” films, but it wasn’t possible.

According to CNN, the two-time Academy Award-winning US actor expressed his excitement that “Lightyear,” the side story to “Toy Story,” will also be shown.

69-year-old actor Tim Allen voiced the character of Buzz Lightyear on the Toy Story series. Woody’s voice is also by Hanks.

For Lightyear, however, producer Pixar chose to work with Chris Evans to voice the main character instead of Allen.

Allen recently said that he was trying to stay away from the controversy that he wasn’t cast in the film. Hanks said, “I was actually going to meet Tim Allen at the box office, but then they wouldn’t let Tim do the voiceovers. I don’t understand,” he said, expressing his surprise.

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