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The Walk-in Cinema is resuming its screenings.

SALT Screening Program

The Walk-in Cinema is resuming its screenings.
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23.03.2022 14:05 | Last Update: 05.07.2022 11:18

Inside Joke
Humorous Works from Electronic Arts Intermix

March 29 – April 3

Walk-in Cinema, SALT Beyoğlu and SALT Online

Following a hiatus in response to pandemic measures, SALT is resuming its screenings in the Walk-in Cinema with the program Inside Joke.Organized in collaboration and as part of Electronic Arts Intermix’s 50-year anniversary, the program is curated by interdisciplinary artist Katie Vida, and can be viewed between March 29 – April 3 2022.

The program Inside Joke, features a humorous selection from Electronic Arts Intermix’s extensive video archive, and includes six videos by Jamie Davidovich, Jayson Scott Musson, Michael Smith, Stuart Sherman, Andrew Lampert and Stanya Kahn. Covering a time span from the 80s to present day, the selection parodically underlines humor’s critical capability, with an ironic and absurd approach to art and mass culture.

Founded in 1971 in the United States of America by the initiative of galerist and collector Howard Wise, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) with its collection aims to cherish video and media art as a creative expression. Over the years, EAI has partnered with numerous national and international institutions and programmers, supporting artists through the distribution, preservation, exhibition and representation of their media artworks.

The screening program Inside Joke can be viewed on loop at SALT Beyoğlu Walk-in Cinema between March 29 – April 3. The program will be streamed at in English with Turkish subtitles, and will only be accessible to online audiences in Turkey.

Walk-In Cinema, SALT Beyoğlu Screening Program

29 March-3 April, 11.00-19.00

Portrait of the Best Artist

Jaime Davidovich; 5 minutes 38 seconds; English; Turkish subtitles, 1982

Art Thoughtz, Relational Aesthetics

Jayson Scott Musson; 5 minutes 27 seconds; English; Turkish subtitles, 2011

Mike’s World Orientation Video

Michael Smith (in collaboration with Joshua White); 5 minutes 51 seconds; English; Turkish subtitles, 2007


Stuart Sherman; 8 minutes 46 seconds; English; Turkish subtitles, 1994

What Portland Thinks About Technology At 3 A.M

Andrew Lampert; 5 minutes 51 seconds; English; Turkish subtitles, 2014

Arms are Overrated

Stanya Kahn; 11 minutes 35 seconds; English; Turkish subtitles, 2012

Program Duration: 43 minutes

The Walk-in Cinema seating capacity is 25; no reservations.

In collaboration

SALT Media Relations

Zeynep Akan                              

+90 212 334 22 45


  1. Still fromJaime Davidovich’s video work Portrait of the Best Artist (1982) Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix
  2. Still from Jayson Scott Musson’s video work Art Thoughtz, Relational Aesthetics (2011) Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix
  3. Still from Michael Smith’s video work Mike’s World Orientation Video (2007) Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix
  4. Still from Stuart Sherman’s video work Newsbreak (1994)Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix
  5. Still from Andrew Lampert’s video work What Portland Thinks About Technology At 3 A.M (2014)Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix
  6. Still from Stanya Kahn’s video work Arms are Overrated (2012) Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix
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