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The news from The Who that upset the fans…

The news from The Who that upset the fans…
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04.04.2023 08:07 | Last Update: 06.04.2023 23:52

Rock band The Who has marked retirement after nearly 60 years of togetherness. Guitarist Pete Townshend, 77, said that he and 79-year-old lead singer Roger Daltrey, the only remaining member of the band, are considering retiring one day due to their age.

The duo announced that they might be inspired by Sir Elton John, who will turn off his microphone after the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which started in September 2018 and will consist of 333 shows and will end in July 2023.

Townshend said: “It’s hard to make a forward decision, say we’re going to do it, because we don’t know how good we will be or how fit we will be. We are both old. This in itself has a downside because aside from whether you can do it on stage, once you’re done touring, you’re back to normal life. Life slows down because going up and down stairs is much more difficult, but it’s also accelerating.”

“We are obviously at a stage where we are approaching retirement,” Daltrey said earlier.

John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Doug Sandom were members of The Who before he died, while Kenney Jones last performed with the group in 2014.

The Who announced their first UK tour in almost six years in January.

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