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The Easter Candy Enthusiast: Heidi Gardner Celebrates Life’s Little Pleasures

The Easter Candy Enthusiast: Heidi Gardner Celebrates Life’s Little Pleasures
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09.04.2023 16:38

Heidi Gardner has developed a unique way of portraying women in complicated relationships. Her ability to magnify the melodrama until it becomes a source of laughter has been well received by audiences on “Saturday Night Live”, where she has been a cast member since 2017. Gardner is known for her character, Angel, “every boxer’s girlfriend from every movie about boxing ever.” This character is always threatening to take the kids to her sister’s.

Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, Gardner was exposed to several colorful characters who were facing intense struggles in their lives. As she shared in a phone interview, “When that’s your life, there’s some comedy in that, too.” This belief is also evident in the way she approaches her role as Grace in the Apple TV+ series “Shrinking.” In this series, Jason Segel portrays a grieving therapist, while Gardner portrays a woman trapped in an abusive relationship. Both of these characters are able to evoke laughter amidst their tragic situations.

Gardner is a lover of Easter candy, which she believes is the best and most joyful candy. The bright colors and rarity of Easter candy make them better than candy for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. She believes that a Cadbury Creme Egg is an incredible, rare gem, and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in egg form are even better.

Gardner shared her views on several other things she loves, including her go-to comedian, Jack Black, and the 90s TV show “Dallas” which she discovered during the pandemic. She also spoke about the comfort food she enjoys at Cowgirl in the West Village, a restaurant that serves the type of food she would eat on family outings when she was growing up in the Midwest.

Gardner’s love of the Stargazer lilies also stems from her childhood. Her dad used to take her to the flower shop in Kansas City to pick out flowers for his dates, and he would get her flowers as well. The Stargazer lily was his favorite flower, and he would often buy it to impress women he was dating. The sight of Stargazer lilies when she walks into 30 Rock on a Saturday is a good sign for Gardner, a reminder of the time she spent with her dad in the flower shop.

In conclusion, Heidi Gardner’s love for Easter candy, Jack Black, “Dallas” reruns, Cowgirl restaurant, and Stargazer lilies is a reminder that joy can be found in the little things in life.

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