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1-1.) This website you are visiting (www.) is the news website of universal cinema and art news.

The site offers free information, announcement and promotion services that may be needed within the scope of freedom of information, such as commercial events, humanitarian events, knitting, developments, art, education and entertainment events.

On the aforementioned web address, news collected or created in the relevant categories or obtained from a news agency source are published on a general home page. Anyone visiting the news site is deemed to have read and accepted the warnings and rules set by this site!

1-2.) Publication Principles: rejects any illegal content.
a.) The website has promised to comply with the “Press Release Principles”.
b.) Articles that attack the rights and freedoms of individuals, offend, accuse or suspect are not published.
c.) No responsibility is accepted for the links included in the site. The sites they belong to are responsible for the links.
d.) Inaccuracies regarding the links given within the site are corrected when reported.
e.) Anyone visiting the website is deemed to have read and accepted these rules.
1-3.) a ) When the information and materials published on the website are used by the agencies operating in the field by subscription or agreement, provided that the rights are reserved in the source, all of these materials are under the protection of the relevant laws. Taking all or part of these materials and using them elsewhere, in whatever way, may constitute a crime.
b ) website directly supplies some of the information and materials it publishes by using its own sources, correspondents, freelance reporters and freelance resources. All or part of these materials may be taken and published in another place, and their use may be subject to permission and obligation to show the source. All of these materials may be under the protection of relevant laws from the source. website cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur in the area used from any news or article used by citing the source. Only the materials whose rights belong to the website can be used free of charge with written permission, partially, completely or by establishing a live link to the page. This purpose can be achieved by sending a request descriptive email to
c) Any software code, database content and visual material belonging to the website cannot be copied, reproduced, republished or uploaded to another computer.
1-4.) Any responsibility for the content elements (news, comments, research, etc., all text and visual materials) whose source is directly stated, belongs to the authors or the agency, institution, legal person etc. specified as the source. belongs.
1-5.) website can be considered to have the copyright of all the content it publishes.
1-6.) Since the site and the information it contains are for the purpose of informing, informing and announcing, they do not constitute the commitment of our site in any way. Consequences and legal disputes that may arise in line with all risks and actions arising from the content, material and moral damages that may occur as a result are not binding on our organization. And no responsibility is accepted in these matters. Any risks that may arise will be borne by the private or legal site visitors. No matter what form and under any name, under no circumstances, our site and our managers will not accept any responsibility for the material or moral grievances that any natural or legal person and persons may suffer, directly or indirectly, in short, no matter under what name or in the form they may suffer. With this article, it is announced in advance that no natural or legal person will have the right to make any material or moral claims, no matter what form or name they are.

RESOURCES and Copyrights
2-1.) The main news and photographic sources of our site consist of news obtained through contracted reporters, editors, redactors and reporters working in our news center and/or news delivered directly to the news center. When our news center deems it necessary, they serve selectively from news obtained through contracted Internet subscription method with news agencies that have been accepted by the society and have established a news network in important centers of the world. The selection, publication or sudden re-posting of the news for any reason is entirely at the discretion of our site and our administrators.
2-2.) All kinds of articles, photographs, cartoons and graphics, advertisements etc. published on the site. All materials are published after being checked by the editors and after corrections are made if necessary, provided that the responsibility belongs to the source.
2-3.) The articles deemed worthy of publication are selected by the editors.
2-4.) No commitment to be published is given to any article.
2-5.) website publishes the news by stating the source it obtained. Using the news published on the website as it is or by changing it may put the users under legal responsibility for the rights related to the source.
2-6.) website publishes the verbal, visual and written information it provides by compiling it from personal private efforts, reliable sources and persons, in good faith and for informational purposes only, without any guarantee or guarantee. Therefore, the editors of our site can change or remove the content in question at any time, in any form and in any way, without the need for prior notice or warning.
2-7.) Articles, photographs, cartoons, graphics, advertisements sent, whether they are published or not, are not returned under any circumstances.
2-8.) The rights of all news produced by the website or obtained from 2nd – 3rd parties and news agencies are reserved. Copying, republishing or redistribution, in whole or in part, of news and photographs produced by or indirectly contracted news agencies, without the prior written consent of the website is under the guarantee of the relevant articles of the press law. Relevant Provisions of the Press Law are considered valid in these matters.
2-9.) website has the right to take all kinds of legal action in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Press Law against those who do not comply with the prohibitions clearly emphasized above regarding all the news it produces or obtains as a result of contracts from 2nd – 3rd parties and agencies.
Editorship, Authorship or Correspondence:
3-1) The right to be a writer, editor, correspondent or freelance correspondent or representative of the website is realized within the framework of a written agreement made as a result of the application made through the site. The provisions read and signed in the written agreement are accepted as valid provisions for all kinds of legal disputes and disputes.
3-2.) Those whose editorship or authorship authority has been revoked by the website, or that these persons have left by themselves, does not change the content responsibility. The copyright terms are also valid after the separation for any reason.
External Links and Logo use:
The special logo of the website has been registered and approved and legally guaranteed.
4-1.) In the links to be given to the website on other sites, the rules of external links of the website are deemed to be accepted.
4-2.) Websites other than the website will use only the logos approved and prepared for use by the website in the links they will give to the website.
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4-7.) website reserves the right to seek legal rights against the use of its logo, which violates its intellectual or other rights or violates other applicable laws.

Disclaimer in Message, Comment and Forum Sections:
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5-2.) website visitors are deemed to have accepted the warnings described within the scope of the general rules when they use the forum or comment area.
5-3.) All kinds of statements that will constitute a crime in comments, which will require legal follow-up, and which will constitute a crime according to national or international laws, are prohibited.
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5-5.) Those who violate these principles will be denied access to the comments and forum areas of the website…
5-6.) Visiting the forum and comment section; Anyone who creates a new topic or leaves a message is deemed to have read and accepted these rules.
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