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Stranger Things season 4 leaked script pages rumor debunked by writers

Stranger Things season 4 leaked script pages rumor debunked by writers
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10.08.2022 17:00 | Last Update: 10.08.2022 17:07

While everyone was talking about the reveal of the pages of Stranger Things season 4, that did not use it the Netflix writers denied this.

Through the Stranger Things Writers’ social media account, the series’ writers’ room state that any supposed leaked scripts that were put up for sale are fake, urging fans to not pay for the phony pages. The writers’ intervention comes following the supposed leak of the “Byler script“, a script supposedly used for the episode “Dear Billy” that would have focused on the van conversation between Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and would have confirmed the pair’s relationship. The script was put up for sale for $25 dollars, though following their first post, the writers’ room offers to share any requested excerpts on the account for free.

Did Stranger Things Get Its Will Byers Gay Scene Right ?

Schnapp addressed and confirmed Will’s sexuality following Stranger Things season 4, volume 2’s release, capping off years of fan speculation on whether Will is gay. Fans have become very invested in Will’s arc over the years, and a certain subsection of the fan base even hopes that Will and Mike will someday form a romantic relationship. Stranger Things season 4 added fuel to the fire with scenes like the van conversation and Will all but coming out to his brother Jonathan; however, nothing was explicitly stated out loud. Because of that, it makes sense that a fake script promising to follow through on this dynamic would elicit so much excitement. The mere idea that it could’ve been real gave fans who were hurt by Stranger Things season 4 some hope.

While writing on Stranger Things season 5 has started, many fans are still left analyzing and reflecting on season 4’s many reveals as they wait for news on the show’s final season. As such, many were drawn to the possibility of new revelations and stronger confirmation on Will and Mike’s possible relationship, leading to news of the fake script taking the fandom by storm. While the “Byler script” is fake, the Stranger Things writers’ offer to share extracts of the script will allow fans to have more insight into the behind the scenes workings of season 4. Perhaps there will be some tidbits about Mike and Will to wipe away any lingering disappointment.

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