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‘Regretfully, So the Birds Are’

‘Regretfully, So the Birds Are’
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13.04.2023 08:19

“New Play ‘Regretfully, So the Birds Are’ Explores Dysfunctional Family, Race, and Environmental Concerns”

The new play “Regretfully, So the Birds Are” is a chaotic and absurd production about a dysfunctional New Jersey family. The white matriarch is incarcerated for murdering her husband, and their three Asian American adoptive children each have their own issues. The youngest daughter is dating her brother, and their father has been reincarnated as a racist snowman. The play touches on themes of Asian American identity, class critique, and environmental catastrophe but fails to develop them cohesively. Despite the quirky script and set design, the production ultimately falls short of being a complete work.

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