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Oscar winner passed away

Oscar winner passed away
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04.04.2023 08:21 | Last Update: 06.04.2023 23:53

Diagnosed with throat cancer in 2014, Sakamoto died. It was announced that Sakamoto had been treated for rectal cancer since 2021. According to the statement made by Sakamoto’s private office, a funeral ceremony was held for the Japanese artist with the participation of his close circle.

It is stated that Sakamoto, who was born in the capital Tokyo in 1952 and started writing notes at the age of 10, was influenced by the ‘Beatles2’ group and the French composer Debussy.

Sakamoto, who founded the ‘Yellow Magic Orchestra’ (YMO) group in 1978, increased his popularity at home and abroad with his ‘futuristic technopop’ works for movies and games.

Having earned a master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts, Sakamoto also took part in the production of more than 30 films.

The Japanese musician, who is very popular abroad, also has Grammy and Golden Globe awards.

Sakamoto won an Oscar for Best Original Score for the 1987 film The Last Emperor.

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