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Newcomer Prize goes to the film distributor jip film

Newcomer Prize goes to the film distributor jip film
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02.11.2022 12:46

33rd Hessian Film and Cinema Prize 2022 emphasizes the importance of cinemas in Hesse
Newcomer Prize goes to the film distributor jip film / Prizes are awarded at film screenings in three cinemas.

Wiesbaden. At the 33rd Hessian Film and Cinema Prize, the Newcomer Prize goes to the film distributor jip film und leih GbR. The names of the nominees in other categories and the cinema award winners have also been announced. This time, the Hessischer Rundfunk awards its prize in a category for the best acting performance. It goes to Lea Drinda, the leading actress in the ZDFneo series “Becoming Charlie”. The prizes will be awarded at the end of November in three events in cinemas in Bad Nauheim, Kassel and Frankfurt, at which the award-winning films will also be screened. There should not be a celebratory gala this year in view of the cinema and film industry hit by the corona and energy crises. The cost savings also benefit the cinema award winners.

“In the current situation, which continues to pose great challenges for the film, cinema and event industry, we are not celebrating a glamorous gala, but we are going where the film belongs: to the cinema,” explains Minister of Art and Culture Angela Dorn. “We have already supported the Hessian film, cinema and festival industry with all our strength during the pandemic, and I am confident that we will also be able to cope with the energy crisis and the increased costs together. At the same time, we have made plans , to develop HessenFilm und Medien into one of the most progressive film funding agencies in Germany, and we have already taken important steps towards this Structures. We rely on the international orientation of the production location Hessen and keep our sights firmly set on strengthening our Hessian filmmakers, cinemas and festivals. We want Hessian films to be shown beyond the state borders, to find their audience and to make a name for themselves artistically. The Film and K inopreis is a good opportunity to draw attention to what Hessian filmmakers achieve.”

The Newcomer Prize, which is endowed with 7,500 euros and decided by the Minister of Art and Culture, goes to jip film & leih. Julia Irene Peters and Jutta Feit bundled their many years of experience in various functions in the film industry in 2017 and founded the film distribution company. Distributors own the rights for the exploitation of films, whose presentation in the cinema they organize and support through advertising and public relations work. Peters and Feit do this in close cooperation with directors, producers and cinema operators. “jip focuses on political and socially critical issues and brings big and small stories to the cinemas that want to be told,” explains Minister Dorn of her decision. “I would also like to draw attention to the important role that a courageous distributor plays in the quality of the cinema programme. Julia Peters and Jutta Feit have already proven their good instinct for excellent films on numerous occasions: ‘The Other Side Of The River’ by Antonia Kilian is part of their catalogue, winner of the Hessian Film Prize in the Documentary Category 2021 and this year Best Documentary at the German Film Prize, as is the Kosovan feature film ‘Hive’, which was released in German cinemas a few weeks ago and even at the beginning of the year shortlisted for the Oscars Abroad.”

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