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Selma Celebi



    10.04.2023 20:31

    The impact of digitization on the world of cinema is increasing day by day. This effect can be seen in many areas, from film production processes to audience habits. Thanks to digital technology, the cinema world can now produce more easily, quickly and effectively. In addition, audiences can also enjoy cinema through digital platforms. However, this change is also causing some traditional cinema habits to disappear.

    The impact of digital technology on film production processes mostly affects directors. In the past, frames were determined according to the large screen of cinema halls, but now they must be made according to different cinema viewing surfaces that have entered our lives in the form of LED TVs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. When the difference between a cinema screen and a mobile phone screen is compared in terms of sound and image quality, it can be as vast as the difference between cinema and stage theatre. This can lead to some problems. For example, the difference between a cinema screen and a mobile phone screen is quite large. Therefore, directors need to optimize their films for screens of different sizes.

    Digitization also changes audience habits. Many people now watch films on digital platforms instead of going to cinema halls. This negatively affects the business of cinema halls. However, this situation also provides many advantages to cinema lovers. Digital platforms offer the opportunity to watch films anytime, anywhere, changing people’s movie-watching habits.

    Digital Cinema aims to create environments that adapt to the digitization of the cinema world and offer the opportunity to watch films for free to cinema lovers. Although it is a very marginal difference, we must adapt to this situation. Our service, Digital Cinema, strives to be the universal face of digitalization in cinema by providing free cinema pleasure to cinema lovers., where you are reading this article, aims to become the universal guide of new cinema.

    In conclusion, the digitization process is not yet complete, it is ongoing. Film production processes, directors and audience habits will be even more affected by this change. As Selma Digital Media, we will closely monitor the evolution of traditional cinema habits, which are starting to disappear, by working with cinema audiences and film workers, to transform them into the sweet and salty taste of popcorn in the digital world.

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