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Turkish Film Festival Munich starts in Germany.

Turkish Film Festival Munich starts in Germany.
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03.04.2023 06:57 | Last Update: 03.04.2023 07:05

Art films from Turkey in Munich…

A report by Uğur Yüksel
The Munich Turkish Film Festival, organized by CinemaTürk Filmzentrum e.V. in Munich, Germany, begins its 34th journey on March 30th.

The opening of the festival, which brings together the latest Turkish cinema productions, will take place at the Rio Filmpalast cinema with Once Upon a Time: 2121 directed by Serpil Altın. Çiğdem Sezgin’s “Suna”, Gizem Kızıl’s “Tell Me About Your Darkness” and Ceylan Özgün Özçelik’s “Witch Trilogy 15+” will be shown at the festival, which is preparing a special selection for the latest films by female directors this year.

The visibility of queer in our cinema will also be discussed at the festival based on Ali Kemal Güven’s Çilingir Table, İsmet Kurtuluş and Kaan Arıcı’s LCV (Please Answer) and Zekiye Kaçak and Jeyan Kader Gülşen’s This Is Not Me. As part of the festival, which will host master directors such as Özcan Alper and Tayfun Pirselimoğlu with their new films, there will also be a special screening of Emin Alper’s latest work “Arid Days”, which was selected as the best film at Antalya and film festivals in Ankara. Details on the program and tickets for the 34th Munich Turkish Film Festival, which takes place from March 30th to April 2nd, 2023, can be found at

The Munich Turkish Film Festival, taking place for the 34th time from March 30th to April 2nd, will take place in two established cinemas in Munich, the Rio Filmpalast and the Neuen Rottmann Kino. The festival, which presents itself to Munich cinema lovers for four days with a program of fifteen films, brings together important examples from the more recent period of Turkish cinema.

Opening with “Once upon a time: 2121”
On the second day of the festival, which will feature Once Upon a Time: 2121 directed by Serpil Altın, Çilingir Table by Ali Kemal Güven, LCV (Please Answer) directed by İsmet Kurtuluş and Kaan Arıcı and Jeyan Kader Gülşen will open with Zekiye Kaçak. The documentary “This Is Not Me” will be screened, co-directed by .

On the third day of the festival, a selection of long and short films awaits cinema-goers. Featured alongside Özcan Alper’s Dark Night, Tayfun Pirselimoğlu’s Kerr and Soner Caner’s Strength, Aram Dildar’s Navnîşan, Kasım Ördek’s Together, Alone, Elif Refiğ’s You’re A Little Far Away, Volkan Güney are Eker’s “Larva” and Erinç Durlanık’s “International Lines”.

Exclusively for female directors
The last day of the festival was reserved for the female directors. In addition to Çiğdem Sezgin’s “Suna” and Gizem Kızıl’s “Tell Me About Your Darkness”, Ceylan Özgün Özçelik’s documentary “Witch Trilogy 15+” will also be shown.

Special performance for dry days
There will also be a special screening of “Dry Days” directed by Emin Alper. The film, which won Best Film at the Antalya and Ankara Film Festivals and won the Best Editing award at the European Film Awards, will meet the audience on Monday, April 3rd. Erdem Şenocak, one of the actors in the film, will also attend the screening and answer questions from the audience.

Queer stories from our cinema
A panel on “Queer View in Turkish Cinema” will also take place as part of the festival. The festival, which aims to support the visibility of LGBTI cinema in Turkey by opening a special space for queer life and freedom struggle, will put the perspective of our cinema up for discussion with this panel through three films in its program . Screenwriter-director Ali Kemal Güven, screenwriter Erdi Işık and screenwriter-director Jeyan Kader Gülşen will participate in the panel moderated by director-writer Can Merdan Doğan on Saturday, April 1.

All films can be seen at the Munich Turkish Film Days in their original language with German or English subtitles. Tickets are available at tü for 11 euros, reduced 10 euros.

CinemaTürk Filmzentrum e.V. has been a registered association since 1989. The Munich Turkish Film Festival organized by the association takes place from March 30th to April 2nd.

Detailed information: tü

34th Munich Turkish Film Days
March 30-2 April 2023

Opening: Rio Filmpalast (Opening)
Rosenheimerstr. 46, 81669 Munich MVV: S-Bahn or tram 15, 25: Rosenheimer Platz
089 / 48 69 79

Screenings: Kino Neues Rottmann
Rottmannstr. 15, 80333 Munich MVV: U1/7 or tram 21: Stiglmeierplatz, U2: Theresienstraße
089 / 52 16 83

Full: €11.00, reduced: €10.00, 5 cards (without opening): €45.00
Opening: – 089 / 48 69 79
Impressions: New Rottmann – 089 / 52 16 83

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