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Full-Frame 8K Cinema EOS Released

Exceptional clarity, endless post-production possibilities…

Full-Frame 8K Cinema EOS Released
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20.02.2022 16:12

Imaging technologies leader Canon has announced the launch of the EOS R5 C, a powerful hybrid camera that combines the professional filmmaking capabilities of the Cinema EOS series with the photographic capabilities of the EOS R System.

Powered by a high-resolution full-frame CMOS sensor, DIGIC X processor and RF Slot, the EOS R5 C offers high-fidelity 8K shooting and 45-megapixel still images at burst rates of up to 20 frames per second. Building on the groundbreaking influence of the EOS 5D Mark II in the filmmaking industry, the EOS R5 C’s compact and versatile body meets the needs of the next generation of content creators and solo shooters.

Further strengthening the Cinema EOS series, Canon also announced a major upgrade to its famous EOS C70 with a firmware update. This upgrade will enhance the already outstanding capabilities of Cinema EOS with the addition of 12-bit Cinema RAW Light recording and more. Canon’s first hybrid Cinema EOS camera A first in the renowned Cinema EOS System, the EOS R5 C can record 8K 30p RAW internally and up to 60p with an external power supply, offering exceptional clarity and endless post-production possibilities. it creates. Thanks to its built-in active cooling system, it offers content producers the opportunity to shoot high quality 8K footage for hours[i].

With HDR over PQ and HLG and support for Canon’s popular Canon Log 3 gamma, filmmakers can shoot stunning, faithful quality video and shoots that take advantage of more expressiveness to fully immerse their audience in their content. Equipped with Canon’s reputable Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, the camera offers precise focusing every time with eye AF and EOS iTR AF X functions. This advanced autofocus technology can track people’s eyes in real time, as well as track people’s heads as they move away from the camera. Working with Optical IS on compatible lenses, the camera provides smooth shots and sharp images by eliminating the flicker effect when shooting handheld, thanks to the coordinated controlled electronic image stabilization function.

Thanks to its 45 megapixel sensor and DIGIC X processor, the EOS R5 C offers first-class photography performance, and can reach exceptionally high burst speeds of up to 20 frames per second. The DIGIC X processor also offers noise-processing innovations that provide high sensitivity up to 51,200 ISO, ideal for shooting in low-light environments such as indoor sports events. With an expanded dynamic range and color gamut, 10-bit HEIF images can be captured, giving photographers more creative freedom. Other options are also available with the interval timer, which allows capturing exceptionally high-resolution time-lapse content. Enhanced 8K workflows The EOS R5 C is capable of internally recording Cinema RAW Light to sustain high fidelity 12-bit footage with manageable file sizes, wide dynamic range and color gamut.

Canon also introduced three newly developed variants of the RAW format, RAW HQ (High Quality), RAW ST (Standard Quality) and RAW LT (Low Quality). Thanks to these newly introduced services, users will be able to choose modes according to their shooting needs and production processes. Two card slots (a CFexpress 2.0 Type B and a UHS-II SD card slot) allow for enhanced simultaneous recording options and users can record images in different formats, resolutions and bit depths to each of the cards simultaneously to benefit from flexible workflow options. This feature also includes audio recording when shooting in 4K 120p. Together with 12-bit Cinema RAW Light, the EOS R5 C supports Canon’s popular 10-bit XF-AVC format at up to 810 Mbps and extremely versatile MP4 options. Combined with a full-frame 8K sensor, the EOS R5 C can record in 4K and Full HD with exceptional clarity, color and low noise by oversampling internally. This also makes it easy for users to record content with High Frame Rate at 4K 120p resolution without cropping the angle of view and maintaining the autofocus function. Versatility and connectivity With the EOS R5 C, Canon offers professional users a versatile tool that can help them meet the ever-increasing demands expected from content creators.

Made using an innovative RF mount with a short flash focusing distance and 12-pin connection for faster communication between the camera body and the lens, the EOS R5 C can be used with lenses from Canon’s EF, RF and Cinema lens series, as well as with third-party anamorphic lenses for a more cinematic look. It allows a wide aspect ratio to be achieved. Given the increasing demands for VR content, the use of 8K video in conjunction with Canon’s new RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye Lens helps to produce VR footage that envelops the audience from capture to editing. Apart from lens flexibility, this camera features the same Multi-Function Accessory Shoe hardware as the EOS R3 and XF605 models. Thus, accessories such as Canon’s DM-E1D Stereo Microphone, Canon Speedlight 470EX-AI and TASCAM’s CA-XLR2d Audio XLR Adapter can be connected directly to the camera. The EOS R5 C also includes a dedicated Time Code I/O terminal for integration into multi-camera solutions. Thanks to the enhanced connectivity, users can use Content Transfer Mobile[ii] for news gathering and FTP transfer and ML-G2 metadata editing, ideal features for solo shooters.

Compact and familiar body To offer the best of both worlds, the EOS R5 C features two separate menus for stills and video: the EOS R system and the Cinema EOS interface. Users can easily switch between modes and access related settings by controlling it with the 3-position power dial. The EOS R5 C offers an extraordinary level of customization with 13 assignable keys and a range of professional video features. This rugged cinema camera also features a 0.5-inch high-resolution OLED viewfinder with 5.76 million dots for accurate image analysis, a dot matrix display on the top for quick checking of camera settings, and a bright 3D lens that can be rotated for comfortable viewing from different angles when shooting day or night. There is a .2 inch HD LCD monitor. Designed with solo shooters in mind, the EOS R5 C stands out as the smallest and lightest Cinema EOS camera ever produced with its extremely light 680 g body. Structurally compact, this camera features a durable magnesium alloy body and is resistant to dust ingress and inclement weather, thanks to an intuitive design that separates airflow from electrical components.

EOS C70 Firmware Update The latest C70 firmware update introduces enhanced features such as the newly added Cinema RAW Light LT 4K recording option and supporting XF-AVC proxy recording functionality. Creators can take advantage of the EOS C70’s brand new creative opportunities and enhanced image quality with Cinema RAW Light LT and new Frame and Interval recording options such as stop-frame animation and time-lapse. With firmware released in December 2021, users can enjoy compatibility with 12 more lenses[iii] for use with the EF-EOS R 0.71x Mount Adapter, which offers filmmakers greater flexibility in lens selection and includes full optical correction, metadata and autofocus support.

The smallest and most versatile Cinema EOS camera ever made, the EOS R5 C stands out as the perfect hybrid camera. From seamless 8K video workflows to high-speed, high-quality stills, this camera enables professional content producers to shoot in any situation.

EOS R5 C – key features:
Full-Frame Sensor with 8K/30p 12-bit RAW recording or 45 megapixel images up to 8K/60p 20fps when using external power Precise Eye AF via Dual Pixel CMOS AF and smart face/head tracking via EOS iTR AF X Comprehensive professional recording formats including three new Cinema RAW Light variations Active cooling on recording in long version Time Code Terminal Enhanced Combination IS with RF Shoe Enhanced connectivity and Multi-Function Accessory Shoe.

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