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Dangerous and frightening likeness!

He is worried for his life.

Dangerous and frightening likeness!
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02.03.2022 23:12 | Last Update: 05.07.2022 11:08

Slawek Sobola (53), who lives in Wroclaw, Poland and is very similar to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is having a hard time due to this similarity that he earned millions in the past.

Sobola, who has made good use of his resemblance to Putin until now, has earned millions thanks to his resemblance. Now the tide has reversed. He’s worried for his life.

It has also been claimed that Slawek Sobola, who lives in Wroclaw, Poland and looks very similar to Russian President Putin, was a stuntman for Putin for a while in his youth. Sobola, who has been making good money on this likeness for years, said he’s been nervous since the Russian leader announced the start of his “special military operation” last week. Sobola explained he feared that locals and refugees could target him.

“Before the war, I was not worried about my safety,” Sobola said. Now that the war started, ever since Putin attacked Ukraine, I’m a little scared. Because a lot of people from Ukraine live in our town Wroclaw,” he said.

Explaining his fear to the press, Sobola said, “For eight years, I worked with Putin using my similarity. During this time I recorded many videos and other works. It was a good job and I made good money. But that’s not my main job. I run a shipping company, the Putin job would be extra.” said.

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