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Selma Celebi


    Cinema and Digital Domination

    23.02.2022 15:55

    While the pandemic changed the world, cinema did not stand still. Cinema has been one of the sectors most affected by the “big change”.

    Audience habits have changed.
    Audience habits and behavior have changed. This change changed the whole cinema process and production methods.

    Most importantly, the cinema economy was dragged into a serious change.
    This ongoing process works for everyone in the movie industry.
    It affects all of us, regardless of country, city, person or institution.

    As Selma Media, we focus all our work on the dominance of the digital world over cinema we are constructing.

    We would like to convey all of our works to you, our friends, within the scope of “universal cinema” based on human stories.

    For this purpose, we aim to present to your attention the short films of short filmmakers from all countries that we can reach via our website (now only in test broadcast).
    The website, on the other hand, will be the meeting point of moviegoers, where the most interesting news from the world of cinema is compiled.

    We are open to cooperation with the spirit of collective work in all our works. We are trying to respond to the new situations created by the conditions in filmmaking. We would like to let you know that we will respond with our gratitude to everyone who supports these works.

    Best wishes to all our visiting friends…

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