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The Berlin Film Festival will be held from 16-26 February 2023.
The Academy has announced that the guests will no longer be quarantined before the ceremony.
Her ex-boyfriend, Ronald Carlson, for whom a restraining order has been issued, firmly denies the allegations.
The academy has taken some precautions in recent years due to the decrease in TV audience interest. One of these measures was that the awards in 8 categories would be given in advance. This measure, which was taken to shorten the live broadcast time, caused harsh reactions. The countdown continues...
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Leonardo DiCaprio's grandmother, who died at the age of 93 in 2008, and is a member of a family that immigrated to Germany with her family in 1917. DiCaprio therefore has a personal bond with warring Ukraine
Who was nominated for an Oscar for Yuh-jung and Fearless.
"In fact, that's the size of the board that oversees the work of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, there's a civil war going on right now.
He was elected to the Theater Hall of Fame in 1991.
While 'Uysallar' presents an alternative family story to the viewer with the unidentified city visual of Istanbul in the background, it also poses the question "When was the last time I was happy".
He is worried for his life.
The first preview of the film, which lasts for about three minutes, stands out for its action and Pitt's uniquely captivating sense of humor.