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After years of being together they got back together

After years of being together they got back together
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08.07.2022 01:25

The three actors from then-hit drama Lost got back together. The photo, released 12 years after the end of the series, showered Lost fans with likes and comments, showing all three actors looking quite fit

Josh Holloway, one of the main characters in the TV series Lost, which aired between 2004 and 2010 and has many fans around the world, shared a photo on Instagram where he poses with Daniel Dae Kim and Henry Ian Cusick .

By writing “Hello from the island” in Holloway’s post, he also referenced the legendary TV series set on a mysterious island.

TV and film producer Melvin Mar also released another photo of the trio along with a series of other photos, which he dubbed “the wonderful 4th of July weekend.”

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