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A bridge became famous over a movie scene

A bridge became famous over a movie scene
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29.09.2022 20:11 | Last Update: 29.09.2022 20:15

The Varda Bridge, where the action scenes of the James Bond film Skyfall were filmed, is the center of attention worldwide.

Built by the Germans in 1912, the Varda Bridge mesmerized audiences with its James Bond 007 action scenes. Varda Bridge continues to host interesting scenes from nature lovers and movies. The bridge in Karaisalı district of Adana province is a very important structure with its architectural structure. The most famous of the bridge, whose name Varda is based on various legends, is the scream of a worker who fell from above during bridge construction. Falling into a 100-meter gap, the worker fell and yelled, “There was, he’s coming.”

The bridge, which has served trains for over a hundred years, is 200 meters long and 100 meters high. Varda attracts attention with its historical and magnificent appearance. The area where the illuminated bridge can be seen is one of the frequent targets of photographers and nature lovers.

Natural beauties such as the Kapikaya Gorge and the Belemedik Nature Park near the Varda Bridge, which repeatedly appeared in front of audiences with the once successful TV series “Once Upon a Time Çukurova”, also increase the popularity of the bridge.

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