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Boycott with bitter words!

You can read the full statement below.

Boycott with bitter words!
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02.03.2022 20:08 | Last Update: 02.03.2022 20:09

Ukrainian film critics delivered a press statement boycotting Russia with harsh words to newspapers and news agencies.
“This is not a ‘local conflict’, this is not a ‘gray zone’…this is Russia’s war against the entire sovereign country Ukraine,” the statement said.

Ukrainian film critics of the international film critics group Fipresci urged the global film community to “refrain from participating in any film or other event, directly or indirectly, hosted or financed by the United States” in a press release. Any participation would indirectly legitimize all the horrors Ukraine is now facing.

Ukrainian film critics of the international film critics group Fipresci, the full press release is as follows:

Dear colleagues,
Ukraine is suffering Russia’s unprovoked invasion right now.
Ukrainian FIPRESCI branch consists of the members from different cities of
Ukraine, including members from the territories unlawfully occupied by Russia
for the last eight years and being constantly repressed for what they are.

Most of these cities were already bombed by Russian troops and most likely
will be any time soon. Heavy street fighting is going on in some of them
including Kyiv. We are calling out for our fellow members of FIPRESCI and
literally everybody who is reading this to actively support Russia’s isolation
until its troops leave territory of Ukraine within its borders according to the
international law.

We ask you to abstain from participating in any film or other event organized,
hosted or funded, directly or indirectly, by Russian Federation. We urge you
not to take part online or otherwise in any film festivals and cultural forums in
the Russian state as members of FIPRESCI. Otherwise, you will indirectly
legitimize all the horrors Ukraine is withstanding now and struggling with
hybrid Russian aggression it has been enduring for the last eight years. We
are asking you not to be silent and vocally support Ukraine whenever it’s

This is joint message from film critics from Ukraine which include Ukrainian
Film Critics Association members we were able to reach. It is only partial due
to extreme conditions in which we all live and fight today.

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